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    bringing work, life and learning into a new paradigm.

    Enjoy the journey

  • 3+1+1=10 is a blueprint to help you make a balanced work life transformation. The concept involves defining yourself, identifying what you love to do, identifying your capabilities and thereafter determining how you will apportion the days in a week.


    Define your future

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    A new lifestyle

    What if work is a continuum of life, includes enjoyment, travel, flexibility and a sense of purpose whilst generating earnings by doing the things we love? 3+1+1=10 is a concept of earning, learning and giving that will help you to make this happen in your life, now.

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    Success redefined

    The prosperity cycle

    Success in the 21st century will be defined by ones engagement in the global ideas economy and living the good life whilst earning enough financial capital.

    You need to have a goal and a plan to attain this outcome.

  • Clim Pacheco


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    Today's paradigm

    A grim future

    Jeremy Rifkin in the 1996 book “The End of Work” stated that “the information and communication technologies and global market forces are fast polarizing the world’s population into two irreconcilable and potentially warring forces - a new cosmopolitan elite of ‘symbolic analysts’ who control the technologies and the forces of production and the growing numbers of permanently displaced workers who have little hope and even fewer prospects for meaningful employment in the new high-tech global economy”.

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    Tomorrow's world

    A better tomorrow

    To stop this coming true each of us must think differently about work and prosperity. By creating a vision of an Ideal Life and using our time wisely to make it happen—one-by-one we will escape this reality and transform society.

  • 3+1+1=10

    An example of the 3+1+1 concept is breaking your week down to:

    • EARNING: 3 days doing what you love whilst generating an income
    • LEARNING: 1 day building in time for your self—development, learning, leisure, travel and enjoyment and developing others.
    • GIVING: 1 day offering your services and giving back for the betterment of society through volunteering and pro-bono services.


    Paving the way to the future

    In this way you apportion your Ideal Life into the requisite number of days to do it all thus gaining an exponential level of prosperity = 10

  • Prosperity should not be defined by wealth alone, but by social engagement, ability to determine your own career path, helping to build a better society and enjoying life to the full whilst earning the financial capital to support this outcome.

    Sense of Freedom


    One needs to reshape life for a redefined prosperity.

    The time you spend earning income and the amount of income you earn are two separate things. The less time you devote to earning, the more you will have to value your services and be remunerated appropriately. Necessity is the mother of invention—so you will become more creative and clever in the way you get remunerated for your services.


    Release the entrepreneur in you

    Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship and business.

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    At the age of 9, on the shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda, Clim felt the need to explore his life, travel and career dreams to the full. His early life in Africa triggered a sense of adventure, one that is still unabated.


    The excitement of various careers in Power Systems engineering in India and the UAE led to transport engineering in Australia, and later executive management in the fields of transport engineering, management and leadership education and insurance and finance- with projects in New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Mauritius, India, Abu Dhabi and Fiji.


    Travel to the 7 continents, life long learning including a Global Strategic Management course at Harvard Business School, adventuring in the equatorial forests of Africa, the Deccan plateau in India, the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, the wilderness of Antarctica, interlaced with sports, music, and writing his autobiography at 30, 45, not for publishing, but to reflect on life as it has been and can be, has culminated in his current passion on the speaking circuit:

    • to inspire others to dream, and dream big, and pursue a balanced but exciting lifestyle- The Prosperity Cycle.

    3+1+1=10 is his model of the perfect blended life- the future of work and life encapsulated for the generations of tomorrow.


    Clim has written a book "Dare to be different, dare to be you" a life journey through goal setting, management and leadership. He has published it to inspire others to pursue their dreams with passion, vigour and an energised sense of purpose.



  • Living the dream

    Clim has shaped his life around the Earning, Learning and Giving 3+1+1=10 Life Work Prosperity Model since resigning from the corporate scene over 10 years ago and built his company Business Transformation Solutions based on a lifestyle.

    It has been a very exciting journey and Clim, through public speaking opportunities, gives talks on his experiences, challenges, highlights and low-lights, and ideas on overcoming obstacles.

    Learn more about the concept and how he shaped this model and what it may mean to you.

    Clim has published his book, "Dare to be different, dare to be you" a life journey through goal setting, management and leadership incorporating his life experiences in all the countries he has lived and worked.

    He hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams with passion and vigour.

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    Extending the journey

    Other public speaking topics

    Public speaking topics developed by Clim are:

    • Personal goal setting: 30:45:60
    • Personal- Big Hairy Audacious Goals (P-BHAGS)
    • Personal ambitions: CP947
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    The road ahead

    Creating better lives for others


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